Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TMI Tuesday #156 - Foresight

1. What do you do that sends a clear signal to your partner that you're interested in an intimate evening? Showing up?

2. How important is foreplay to an exciting evening?
Assuming the foreplay is a prelude to sex, then it's quite important. Unfortunately, most of my exciting evenings don't require any sort of foreplay. Which is good, because society tends to frown on such things...

3. What is the first thing you do during foreplay or what is the first thing you like done to you?
As I remember, I think the entire "dance" before the bedroom (or wherever) can be as sexy as anything else. But to answer this the way it's intended, it's the rubbing, the massaging, the feel of the person under the hands. And not the "sexy" parts. The neck, the shoulders, the palm of the hand, the fingers, the foot. And the temples. Oh, the temples!

4. Are you a one and done kind of partner (20 minutes or so) or do you like intimacy sessions longer than 60 minutes?
The longer, the better.

BONUS: If you are interested in sex with a same-sex partner, what would be the first thing you'd like to touch on that other person, and why? (For those already in same sex relationships...what was the first thing you touched, or if you were interested in a relationship with the opposite sex, what would be the first thing you touched?)
No need to answer this one.


I mentioned earlier that symphony week is starting early this time around. What caught me off-guard was rehearsal tonight and Tuesday nights, and staff meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Wasn't mentally prepared for that. On the other hand, my triangle debut in rehearsal went quite well! Maybe I'll give up the trombone for this!

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