Friday, October 17, 2008

It's still Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we're all aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And even though Boobie-Thon is over, the month continues on. And as October is over, the disease continues on... As a reminder, and totally by chance, I got two emails today to share:

The first one is from Sarah. None of you know her. She's a friend in my offline world. She sent out a link to this site. The Boobie-Thon site also mentions this site. It's offers free mammograms. Not like you can sign up for free ones, but the sponsors of the site contribute money towards mammograms, based on the number of visitors who click on the big pink button. You don't have to do anything other than click on the button. No forms, no names, no email addresses. Just go and click! And you can stop by and click once a day, so I encourage you to do that...

The second email I got was from former HNTer Zoely (we all remember her!). This is a bit more localized to her (New England). Hope is the mother of one of Zoely's son's friends. She has not had good luck with her treatments for breast cancer. An excerpt of a note that was emailed out to friends:
From Hope:
I received the results from my second scan this weekend, and it is not good. The cancer has spread into my bones, (Lower Back, hip, back of my legs and the middle of my chest) which is causing me all these horrible body aches. My liver has gotten worse too.
They have started radiation today, and I will have to continue that for 10 days straight. (M-F 1:30 everyday) I also started today a new chemo seeing the last one "stopped working".
Her friends have started signing up for car rides, food deliveries, etc. And there's also a $20/day copay for her to continue alternative treatments. As Zoely stated in her email, maybe this is too "local" for any of us to care about, but any and all prayers, good vibes and good juju that is sent their way certainly can't hurt! If any of you are inclined to offer more, or want to know what else you might be able to do, just email me and I'll forward some details.

It's an ugly disgusting disease, and any little thing that we can do will help.

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