Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie Cast

OK, I've been stewing over this one for awhile, and put it off in the back of my mind, hoping it would disappear. But no, it's raised its ugly head again, and demands my facing it straight on. It's that damned movie cast meme that B tagged me with a couple of weeks ago.
"The idea is to select celebrities/actors to play the parts in the story of your life today (including yourself!), who would it be and why - this can be based on looks or personality!"
The basic premise of this is the assumption that I have a family, kids, a significant other, close friends, or others that I've mentioned over and over here. Hence the reason for putting this off. It wasn't too hard to come up with someone to play me, but who else would I include? I think I've finally come up with the answers...
ME - I've always liked John Goodman (but not when he was in "Roseanne" or as the football coach in "Revenge of the Nerds"). He's a big lump of a guy that is likable, enjoys life, is occasionally self-effacing, and would be the best friend you could ask for. I think that's alot like me. My favorite roles of his (and I certainly haven't seen a great deal of his movies) were as "Al", Richard Dreyfuss' sidekick in "Always", and as the voice of "Sully" in "Monsters, Inc."

The SYMPHONY - This organization has been the main musical force in my life over the past 15+ years. I'm not saying we play as good as these guys, but in a fantasy, wouldn't you want the best to portray the characters? I choose the Chicago Symphony over the other major ones, simply because their brass section has historically been the best of any others. Here is the 1906 brass section:

IN CAHOOTS W/THE MOB RULES HORNS - Even though we haven't played together in over a year, this movie couldn't be made without including them. Again, I choose to cast us with the best. That being Chicago. The core of our horn section for all those years was similar to theirs, both in instrumentation, and the fact that it hasn't changed since the beginning.

MOOSE, RACHEL and KAMEY - These are the girls I drink beer with whenever I can. Which is more difficult these days, since two of them ran off to Alaska and the third moved 200 miles away. Collectively, they know just about every single secret I have (but not all of them!). Interestingly, I don't think the three of them have sat down together more than two or three times. Some might find my choice as mean or something. Those that know me would recognize it as a choice of endearment. I'll let you decide who's who...

YOU GUYS (youse guys/y'all/all of ya) - This was both particularly hard, yet obviously easy. There's no question that I'm much closer with some of you than I am with others. And you know individually who you are. To make characters of each of you would make this meme FAR too long. And you KNOW that I'd leave someone out. So how could I find a character that would represent all of the friends and acquaintances I've made online? And it hit me! Those mystical, fictional (do any of you REALLY exist??) denizens from the Land of Os:

As usual--no tags from me on this one. Do it if you want!

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