Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hmmm....What to talk about...?

I think many of us agree that music has the power to remind us of specific events, or times, or people. It can stir all sorts of emotions, from love to rage. Last week I heard the song "We Are Family" on the radio. And what's the first thing I associate with it? Sister Sledge? Nope. The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates? Uh-uh. I think of Gene Hackman in drag...

Speaking of baseball... Did you know that the playoffs have started? And why would anyone really care?
Speaking of sports... My Griz sucked it up pretty bad on Saturday. If you're going to lose a game, it's better to do it early in the season, but anyone who watches this game are going to find that it might not be too difficult to beat them. Lord, I hope this isn't the start of a long season.
Speaking of boobs... The Boobie-Thon still has 2 more days to go. If you haven't donated your $50 to take a peek at the bare boobies, then you're really missing out! Lots of your fellow HNTers participating this year! A bit of a disturbing thing--as I was checking out my stats the other day, I found that someone came by with the search "2008 boobiethon password". That's just sad. Just pay your $50!
Speaking of poll results... The public has spoken. Seventy-two of you participated in the poll, and there were 2 distinct choices that emerged--either TMI Tuesdays, or the option to not do anything at all. TMI outlasted the other option by one vote, 23-22. So, starting this week, I'll be playing TMI. Anyone want to tell me how to do that...?
Speaking of blogs... I spent a great deal of time working/tweaking a handful of blogs. I have to admit that I enjoy doing the tweaking. I continue to learn how all of "this" works!
Speaking of family (back to the top)... We had a little BBQ at my sister's place. Sort of a post-bday dinner. We were missing the two older nieces, so the third one, N3, had to take her rightful place in the adult conversations (Palin, economy, voting, discussing whether BBQ was strictly a noun, or also a verb). I have to admit, she held her own pretty darned well. Much better than I ever did at that age (15). But she'd never heard of Schoolhouse Rock, and was more than amused that my sisters could still sing "The Preamble"! I brought my camera, but didn't really take much. Here's my mother, and N3. Best I could do for a Sunday night.

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