Friday, October 03, 2008

Thoughts in the Grocery Store

  • Ever notice how long you can stretch the lifespan of a roll of toilet paper when you realize it's your last one? Yet if you didn't realize it, it seems to have only lasted a day?
  • I bought a 12-pack of Charmin toilet paper. Sometimes you have to splurge...
  • Is it wrong for me to laugh a little when I noticed that all of the Paul Newman's Salad Dressings were marked down? Was this as a tribute, or a panicked sell-off?
  • Does it seem wrong that the package of meat labeled as "Manager's Choice/$3.00 Off" was also the brownest package of meat in the cooler?
  • I must be stuck in the old days. I've been using a double blade razor for almost my entire adult life. My regular store no longer carries double blades. There's triple blades, quadruple blades, quintuple blades, blades for razors with batteries, disposable blades. I miss the old days.
  • My mother isn't really known for her recipes, but one of the things she does quite well is spaghetti sauce. A crucial ingredient to that recipe is Spice Island Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning. According to their website, it's no longer made. :-(
  • Where do Imitation Krabs grow?

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Go check the boobies over at Boobie-Thon! And pay the $50 to get access to the bare ones. Lots of good ones!
Fun times ahead with symphony. One of the two pieces this concert doesn't use trombones, so I've been recruited to play percussion! Bass drum AND triangle. Go ahead. Make the jokes. These happen to be crucial,exposed and difficult parts. And frankly, will take more practice than the trombone parts in the second piece. I'll keep you updated.

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