Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Little Ding HNT

It was mentioned about a week ago that I'm in the midst of symphony week. Which, of course, means that I'm insanely busy this week. Equipment moving started today (Wednesday), and I'll be in constant work mode through Sunday afternoon. But if you've been around this blog at all, you know I thrive on this stuff!

A wrench that's been thrown into the works (and an incredibly HUGE wrench) is that, at the same time that I'm setting the stage for rehearsal, we expect the delivery of this:

That's right! Just under 9' of ebony and ivory goodness! The Steinway Concert Grand Piano Model D. Argh, argh, argh! An anonymous woman, after hearing us at the summer concert this year, offered to buy us a brand new, built-for-us, never-been-played Steinway! Purchased in NYC, shipped to Boise for assembly, and trucked up to us as you're reading this! There's a deeper story as to why she's doing this, but the main point is that she's footing the bill for the piano, the transportation, technician's expenses, and two days of adjusting and fine-tuning it specifically for our concert hall. I can't give you a definite figure, but the piano alone sells for several thousand over $100,000. I hope I don't let it roll off the edge of the stage...

As for the concert itself, I mentioned that one of the two pieces we're playing doesn't require any trombones or tuba (Gustav Mahler's 4th Symphony). That's Mahler, below, looking like a cross between John Lithgow and Christopher Walken. So I volunteered to play in the percussion section if they needed me. And they did. While I've played percussion in the past, this will be my debut with the triangle. Which is a big deal, mainly because of an incident with the kindergarten Christmas show. I'd rather not go into that... So far, it hasn't been too bad. There's even a place in the music that calls for the "dinner bell" technique (that's for you, Q!).

It was mentioned in earlier comments, possibly as an ego boost, that the piece wouldn't be the same without the little dings. In fact, there were many comments regarding my little ding. To the point that it became apparent that it had to be the subject of my HNT this week. However, I felt it best to keep it hidden behind Gustav. So be sure to click for my little ding...

We had some troubles getting the MG pics delivered to me, so I didn't have time to come up with anything poetic or sweet. So here's a partial list of attributes:
--She's Irish/Polish. And a redhead.
--She bleeds black and gold.
--She has her own barrel of Maker's Mark bourbon!
--She thinks like a guy.
--She drinks like a fish.
--She swears like a sailor.
--She hates feet.
--She's asked a store clerk about anal bleach.
But most of all...
--She's wonderful!

She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon, but if you know her (and lord knows I gave enough clues!), stop by and say hi!
This week's MG broke the internet! She's Becky (Hello Haha Narf) over at Midnight Cliff. As you might have seen in her comments here today, her site is down. She doesn't know why. Just go over and see if she's back up, and tell her it's not her butt that broke the internet!!! Edit: After having Blogger go unavailable as I'm trying to post this--makes me think that maybe she did...
Many new "faces" over at "...the Other HNT" this week. Stop by and check them out! And leave a little comment love for your fellow HNTers! NSFW, as usual.
I think the oldest participant in HNT would have to be BTExpress. He's been around since the early, early days. He's going to be faced with a double whammy in a couple of weeks. His birthday falls on Election Day (Nov. 4th). As if having to share your bday with the circus that is the election wasn't bad enough, he's going to be turning (are you ready for this?) SIXTY YEARS OLD! So, I'm reversing myself about themes. We'll have a theme for the Nov. 6th HNT. "Boobies for BTE!" Post a picture of your boobies, with some sort of mention of BTE! Painted on, Photoshopped on, with a sign, whatever... We need to raise this man's spirits! I mean, he's close to ancient!! Guys, I know for a fact that he's not interested in yours, but you should do it too! I'm sure he'd appreciate the gesture!
Exciting news! I'm going to be Turnbaby's guest next week on her weekly radio show! For those who haven't checked out her show before, they're all archived on her BlogTalkRadio site, "Turnbaby Talks!" (click the picture, over here on the left). It promises to be sixty minutes of riveting questions and answers, pontifications, and opinions! It probably won't be ALL half-nekkid, as I'm sure that we'll touch on some other subjects--music, in particular. We'll also get to do the popular QuidProQuo--where she asks me some sort of thought-provoking question, and I get to turn around and do the same to her! Other than that, it's all a crap shoot! We might have 60 minutes of awkward silence. Who knows? Come check it out! Next Tuesday, 8PM EDT!

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