Tuesday, October 07, 2008

TMI #155 (my first!)

With more than a bit of trepidation, here is my first foray into that mystical world known as TMI Tuesday. Thank God this first week didn't ask any of that weird sex stuff!

1. Prudence: When do you feel it is most important to exercise prudence? When is it acceptable to throw practicality out the window? I think I've lived a life of prudence. I've generally been someone who's been in the public eye most of my life. Not like a politician, but as a person that many people recognize. Same here online. I generally weigh the consequences of just about everything I do. By the same token, I've been known to do things that have NO practical basis. I think it's good for the soul to abandon the "safe" route from time to time. I think it's always acceptable to abandon practicality. I just don't choose that option too often.

2. Justice: Is a sense of justice really a virtue, or is only a tool that allows us to pass judgment on others without feeling guilty? What do you feel is the greatest injustice facing the world today? I don't see how justice is a virtue. I have a big problem with the concept of justice. Simply because it means different things to every individual. Who's version of justice can be deemed "right"? The majority's?? I think not. I have NO faith in what's known as the "justice system". As for the greatest injustice in the world? I think it's the gross diversity of social class across cultures and the world. Humanity really takes it in the shorts.

3. Temperance: All things in moderation. Should we allow ourselves a few excesses? How well do you restrain yourself when faced with your deepest desires? Moderation is not something I've ever done well. I overeat, I drink too much (when I drink), I spend far too much time online, I drive after drinking (shut it), I spend money I don't have. I generally go all out when I put my mind to it.

4. Courage/Fortitude: How well do you confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation? Does facing the little things make you as brave as facing the big things? I've faced some very nasty things in my past, and I think I learned to meet things head-on. Head held high, chin up, and all that. For all things. I haven't really faced anything "big" recently, so I'm not sure if I've lost any of that bravado. I do think that being a musician, and having to be in front of crowds on a regular basis, has helped me early on in facing whatever fears I might have had.

5. Faith: Is it important to have faith? How steadfast are you in your core beliefs? Do your core beliefs equate to faith in something?
I place way too much faith in others. And it always burns me in the ass. But it doesn't stop me. My core beliefs? I don't really dwell on them too much. I know when something goes against my beliefs, and I'll generally stick to my own. After all, I'm always right... Do they equate to faith in something? I am a card-carrying, but not participating, Catholic. My Catholic grade school education pretty much sums it all up.

6. Hope: Does having hope for the future help you deal with the present? How good are you at finding the good in the bad? What is the thing you hope for most?
I think most people think I'm a pessimist, but I really think that things will be better tomorrow. I DO think that I find good in the bad. As a teacher, I saw many diamonds in the rough. Interestingly though, I generally play devil's advocate in almost all organizational things. Not so much because I'm looking for the bad, but because I want to have the bases covered for all situations. What do I hope for? I suppose that would be good health, long life, someone to share it with, etc... Yeah, the faith question comes in here. I believe I'll have all that. If you're asking about hope for the rest of the world--common sense.

7. Love/Charity: How easy is it for you to give selfless, unconditional, and voluntary loving-kindness? How easy is it for you to receive selfless, unconditional, and voluntary loving-kindness? Probably too easy for me to give it. Probably easy (but not quite as easy) to receive it. That hasn't happened too much, though.

Hmmm... that wasn't too terribly difficult. I guess I'll do it again next week!


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