Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dichotomic HNT

one side sees the light knows whats
right but the other side is dark
and you wanna be bad when everyone
sees you for what you are

light vs. dark
good vs. evil
angel vs. demon

one side wants peace and quiet
the other side wants out of control
the light shines in on you as you
fall to your knees and pray

light vs. dark
good vs. evil
angel vs. demon

Angel in a Nightie

You walked in
wearing a pink, cow nightie
and a halo,
slightly skewed.

I was on my way out,
halfway between sane
and quick-get-the-Haldol.

Armed with a bowl
of chicken and noodles
as your weapon
and the tenacity
to fight any adversary,
you waged war.

Amid nutrition and nursing
I returned;
with the knowledge
that angels
don't always have wings.

Our lovely MG this week is Cowgirl! Stop by to check out her lovely silken legs over at her site, and say hi!
Quite a few submissions this week over at "...the Other HNT"! Definitely a good showing! And definitely NSFW, as usual!

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