Saturday, October 25, 2008

"My Butt Broke the Internet"

As mentioned on Thursday afternoon, the MG for the week was Becky (Hello Haha Narf). In addition to her fine booty gracing my site, she also posted two pictures of her ass for her own HNT. Unfortunately, as noted in the comments, her site was unavailable for most of the day. At first she wasn't aware of the problem, which caused great anxiety, as one can imagine. Sitting in front of her computer, waiting for emails to let her know that someone commented, yet never getting any... Does wonders for the ego.

When she finally realized the problem, she emailed me. I, of course, would mention that her site was down when I revealed her. The problem...Blogger was unavailable for awhile that afternoon. This convinced her that her butt broke the internet. I mentioned that would look good on a T-shirt. And a star was born...

She's opened up an online store where you can purchase your own Hello Haha Narf "My Butt Broke the Internet" T-shirt! It appears that there's a variety of colors, styles, and sizes (all the way up to 6X!!), as well as ladies, kids and baby styles. And there's some other Midnight Cliff items, including refrigerator magnets and a beer stein! Hurry over and be the first of your internet buddies to buy something! Only 2 months until Christmas!!

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