Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 Posts I Wish I Had Never Written

Tish tagged me for this, which shouldn't have surprised me. After all, I was instrumental in one of her more embarrassing posts! She was tagged by Christy, at Christy's Coffee Break. This one took some work, because after all, I clicked the "publish" button, but I did find five that qualify. In no particular order:
Beware: The Ugly Side of Os -- This is story of the dark, murderous side of Os. It wasn't pretty, even though some of you thought of it as sort of funny...
The Hardest Post I've Ever Written -- Nothing embarrassing about this one. I just wish I hadn't had to write it, let alone post it. Still don't know any more than we did before.
It's Dorky Tuesday!! -- The very first Dorky Tuesday we had made me post a picture that showed the world for the first time that I wasn't always the smooth, suave, sex-god that you've all come to love...
Let's Lighten the Mood A Bit -- I had mentioned in an old post about me in a tutu. I posted a picture of it. Wish I hadn't...
Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! -- Ah, the infamous "Fuck you!" post. I let out a rant that I haven't been able to equal in the two years since I posted it. I scared some people with it. I still haven't told anyone if it was a real life situation, or a blogger one. Still won't say!
There ya have it. Five posts that I wish I'd never written. I'm supposed to tag 5 of you, and for once, I'm going to! I tag Vixen, Charlie, Q, Figleaf and Julie. Have fun!

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