Saturday, March 08, 2008

Road House Blues

My weird Patrick Swayze obsession in bad movies is well-documented in this blog (though I will NEVER watch "Dirty Dancing" again--sometimes the horridness is just too much. Which is too bad, because Cynthia Rhodes is pretty hot...). But I digress. In my dementia this past week, I missed this item:
"...blind blues musician Jeff Healey wasn't so lucky escaping fate this week, as he sadly succumbed to a cancer at age 41. Many knew Healey best from his appearance as Cody in the movie Road House (famous line: "I thought you'd be bigger"), so this sad news was compounded when Road House star Patrick Swayze revealed this week that he has (possibly terminal) cancer himself."
WTF?? A double dose of bad news. The Jeff Healey Band was grossly underappreciated, and his biggest hit was, unfortunately, that dreck titled "Angel Eyes". He was a great talent, regardless of his blindness. His unique style of guitar playing made it even more amazing. And the second news--that Patrick Swayze might have terminal cancer?? Ugh...when will it all end...?
Since I'm on a death theme here, Moose called me last night to let me know that her grandmother died late Friday. Not unexpected, but still. She's in San Francisco for a conference, will fly home Sunday, then off to the funeral a couple of days after that. When it rains, it pours...

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