Sunday, March 02, 2008


This past week and a half has totally kicked my ass. And totally unexpectedly. Biggest thing I've found are the things/people I've neglected:
My blog--I haven't posted since Wed. night, and frankly, haven't really wanted to. Nothing to say, nothing to expound on.
Your blogs--haven't had the chance/desire to make the rounds this week. Quick peeks at HNTs, but that's about it.
My health--I mean beyond the good diet/exercise things that I don't do. I willed myself to stay well all week, even being around sick musicians, and an auditorium full of kids, half of whom were coughing. I did well through the week, in spite of working up a sweat then working out in the cold. I've been down for the count all weekend, and expect it to get worse. I won't get into the joint pain or arthritic knee that I've been dealing with...
My car--wiper blades are wonky. During the middle of the week, they totally failed on me. In the wet snow storm.
My finances--I've got a couple of bills past due, but that's manageable. Creative bookkeeping comes in handy here, too.
My emails--I've got about 6 emails that I haven't responded to. Emails from friends. I just don't have the desire to get to them right now (but I will!).
My wife and kids--Well, not much to worry about there, is there?
My horn--Yeah, this might be a surprise, but this last concert wasn't terribly difficult/challenging/satisfying for the trombones. Not much time was spent working on it. And Beethoven didn't write in any trombones for the two pieces on our next concert. Frankly, since we folded In Cahoots, my playing has gone way downhill.
That's pretty much it.
Oh, to top things off, I got an email today reminding the orchestra that the first rehearsal for the next concert is this Thursday...

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