Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wearin' o' the Green HNT

Those of you who have been around for awhile might remember that last year at this time, I was lamenting the fact that my favorite Irish bar here in town (O'Toole's) was closing its doors after serving its last beer on St. Patrick's Day. And that I had a symphony rehearsal on that morning, so I'd miss the first beer poured on that day, and a concert that night, so I'd miss out drinking there completely. And on a Saturday at that...

Well, for whatever reason, they didn't close their doors, and the beers will be flowing all day. On a Monday. I will be there at 8AM, and will have the first green beer out of the tap (Bud Light, I think). And I'll have a shot of Jameson's whiskey. Maybe two. And maybe a Bushmill's. But I'm working on the Guinness right now, because I hear that I might run into my niece down there, and she's a Guinness lover. And I refuse to be a wimp who can't hold his Guinness if she buys me one! Hope you all have a SAFE and fun St. Patrick's Day!
I've never been afraid to pimp out a blogger for one reason or another. When this week's Mystery Guest asked if I would do this for her, how could I say no? She knows she's got me wrapped around her little finger! Many of you will recognize her, but she's asked not to be revealed. Her site is private, but those of you who have access have already seen this.

For over a year now, this MG has expressed a desire for breast implants. It's something she's thought about for a long time, and she's done alot of research. While many of her readers, including myself, have told her that it's really unnecessary, it comes down to the fact that this is something she wants to do for herself, and you have to respect that. In the same way that we respect the 5 or 6 of you who have also had implants! So she's been working on the financing for this, but real life things keep biting her in the ass. Until she found this site:

Create the Perfect Girl at
Create The Perfect Girl at!

She's done some investigating, and the site is legit. So she's signed up for it. The basic idea is that she gets referrals to the site, and the more referrals she gets, the more she'll be featured. And donations are based on that sort of thing. It doesn't cost you a penny to click, and she gets the referral points for it. Even though this might not be your own cup of tea, please do me a favor and give it a click! I'll even put it in the sidebar for you to come back and click again and again My guess is that when she does get the implants, she'll be more than happy to show them off to us!
This week's offerings over at "...the Other HNT" are quite a mix of pictures. And just a little more NSFW than usual. And there might even be a different picture of the MG over there too!
I've got a symphony concert this weekend. All Beethoven. The man really knew when to use the trombones (Symphony 5 and Symphony 9), and when to give them a break, not use them, and allow them to go to the pub. That includes this weekend! I'm finding that when I don't have to worry about being a musician, this gig ain't too bad! Be sure to come back on Friday for something special I'm going to share with you about us!! You're going to be impressed!

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