Thursday, March 20, 2008

Song and Dance HNT

I love this time of year. Easter. And not just because it's when we Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Though I AM one of those who is moved more by the religious meanings of Christmas and Easter than the commercial. But the tangent I'm currently on has nothing to do with this post. Much.

By accepted standards/definition, Easter MUST happen after the official first day of spring. So that's a good thing. And if it's spring, then it's less than 4 weeks until my birthday. Easter has fallen on my birthday maybe half a dozen times in my young 50+ years of life. So that's cool. And off on another tangent.

Early to mid-April is when the Masters is played at Augusta National, and when I die, my ashes will be spread over that course. Yep, a third tangent.

What I REALLY like about Holy Week is that the epic biblical movies all come out. I loves me some "Ten Commandments" or "Ben Hur" or "Spartacus" or "The Robe". But I also like some newer movies, particularly "The Passion of the Christ", and, of course, "Jesus Christ Superstar". By now, most of you realize that I was King Herod in Carroll College's production from 10 years ago. I had to come up with my own song & dance routine. I had dancers behind me, but it basically was my solo. I got some of my ideas from the King Herod character in the movie, and others from some vaudeville routines I'd seen. But I spent many hours watching the video over and over. As I've said in the past, King Herod's Song is unlike anything else in the opera. Campy, fun, and comic relief in the midst of a stressful production. Who better than I to do that?!?

Moose was there and got to see me. First thing she'd tell you is that I wore these great pants. I'm here to tell you that they SUCKED! BIG TIME! Satin-y white with lavender stripes. Bell bottoms, of course. We were all dressed as hippies. What I did like was the shirt that the costume designer came up with. I made off with it after the show. Why? I don't know. It's not like I could wear it out in public.

Surprisingly, I've never seen JCSS on TV. Ever. I'm not sure why not. "Hair" has been on TV. So has "Godspell". So every Easter, I pop in my DVD of JCSS, put on my King Herod shirt, pull out my illegal copy of the score, and keep working on the dance steps, in case I ever have to do it again! Without the white and lavender striped pants (note the poor execution of "jazz hands").

Click on it, if you dare, for the view from the other side...

This week's Easter Bunny is fairly new to HNT. Even though she's new-ish to us, she's already decided that moving to a HNT-only site is a good move. She's a professional photographer, so you know her pictures MUST be good! She's resourceful--she's even made it home on a tire fixed with duct tape! She likes the outdoors, and even knows what Cabela's is! But she's girly, too. She wants a Dodge 4X4--in light purple. And just looking at her picture, you can tell she's girly! She's just a simple girl living a simple life and loving it! Boop-boop-e-doop (squeak)!
This MG is the lovely Naughty-I. You can check out another view of her new corset on her new HNT site! Go over and say hi!

OK, I don't usually do this, but because it's her birthday on Thursday, and I'm a pushover for this sort of thing--we've got a second MG! This one is a longtime favorite around here, and a good friend of mine. I hope you've already been by to wish her a happy birthday, but if not, I'll reveal her in the afternoon and you can still have time to do it!
It's not too much of a secret that the birthday girl is Stealth! Today, she hit the big 3-0! If you haven't been by yet, stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

There's another interesting mix to be found over at "...the Other HNT" this week, including 3 different continuations of previously-submitted themes, and the beginning of another! As always, NSFW! Be sure to stop by and leave some comments!
Vernal equinox happens Thursday, with a full moon immediately after! If you're the type that dances in the moonlight, this would be a good weekend to do it (right, doc?). Take pics!
Have a Happy Easter Weekend! And if you've got a good egg salad recipe you'd love to share, please do!

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