Friday, March 07, 2008

Beware! Bodily Fuctions to be Discussed!

Nice job on the "I Love My Mac" theme yesterday! Some nice improvisation shown by those who don't have Macs or iPods. And only a couple of real Mac haters! Shumpy (who always seems to have access to some of the best pictures!) sent me this one. Wish she were a real HNTer! I have to say, though, that I'm a tad disappointed that no one took me up on the lapful of macaroni...
Things look like I should be back to "normal" sometime this weekend. I had my first decent night of sleep last night, and most of my symptoms have cleared up. I still have a sinus full of gunk, but no pressure or running.

I haven't been much of one to really write anything this week, or to check out alot of your sites. Which doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking of things. Unfortunately, I didn't write down any notes, or hints, or anything that would help me when I got back around to writing. Doubly unfortunate--you're about to read what DID stick with me all week. A warning right now--if you're not into gross and/or graphic details of my sickness, click out of here right now!
  • I had two different sorts of coughs. Both to the point of feeling like I needed to puke. One was a shallow, from-the-neck type. It took care of the snot that was running down the throat, but also made me feel like I was going to burst a vessel in my temples. Rough on the throat, hell on the head.
  • The other cough came from the very depths of my innards. This was the type that tried to cough up a lung. I swear that I broke a rib one day. And at the peak of my coughing, almost every orifice was involved. I'd fart, sneeze, cough, my eyes would tear up and my ears would want to burst. I'm happy to report that I never pooped/peed my pants, though I consider that a miracle.
  • Speaking of sneezing--didn't start doing that until Wednesday. I prefer sneezing to coughing. Except for the running snot.
  • I have found that, as a brass player, my natural reaction when I sneeze is to form an embouchure (the buzzing of the lips to play). If I'd had a horn in front of me each time, I'd have belted out some of the loudest sounds known to man!
  • Someone else's blog mentioned "corn flake" snot. I prefer that to the runny snot.
  • Lack of movement on my part while sleeping all day really did a number on my joints. And my back. I actually had to watch how I sneezed in order not to really screw it up!
  • As soon as I finish this post, I will take my first shower since Sunday night.
  • I brushed my teeth every day. Some things are required (thanks to Dad, the retired dentist!).
  • I ventured out of my apartment twice since last Friday. Sunday night to pick up Rachel to take her to a belated bday dinner (she took one look at me and told me to go home). The other was last night, to do a minor rehearsal set-up for symphony. It was good to get out into some fresh air, but 45 minutes was about all I could handle. Fortunately, I made arrangements for someone else to tear down.
  • Daytime TV really sucks.
  • Late, late night TV really isn't much better.
That's about all I can remember. Oh, I've started the plans for the 3rd anniversary celebration of HNT. I think you'll enjoy it when I get it put together! But it's going to take some work on my part.
Once again, the MG folder is empty. I've contacted some of you about contributing, but the invitation is open to all! Don't wait for me to ask!
Don't forget about the time change this weekend (for those of you who observe Daylight Savings Time!). One more sign that spring is just around the corner!!!!

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