Thursday, March 06, 2008

"I Love My Mac!" HNT

Sorry for the delay, guys...

I figured that most of you would be posting pics of your newer model Macs, so I thought I'd go with one of my older ones. Sort of like those WWII fighter planes that just sit around until they get gussied up for an air show or something. This Mac sits in my back room, but I don't usually use it.

Back before the turn of the century, Macs were still sort of a novelty. Before the iMac, there was the iBook. Came in a big white clamshell case, with these gaudy bright colors (the fruit colors--tangerine, strawberry, grape, blueberry and lime). They came out with the iMacs in the same colors shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, no one but dedicated Mac users would buy such toy-like machines. Then they got some great design people on board. Got rid of the CRT monitors in favor of flat-screens. Compacting things down to sizes that no one could have imagined. And all of a sudden, PC users started taking notice. Macs were no longer a "toy"!

I keep this one hooked up, even though I don't use it anymore. I don't think I'll ever put it in storage. Sometimes you just need to keep your old friends around. Sorry it's not a better picture. I'm feeling lousy...

This week's Mystery Guest has been blogging for quite awhile, but just recently got involved with HNT. She's certainly not your average chick! She's musically inclined, which of course scores big points! She's a student, needs to shower every day, and generally needs some form of sex every day! =) Then again, don't we all...
I'll reveal her Thursday afternoon, but leave her a message if you know who it is!
Many of you recognized this cleavage as belonging to the Amorous Chick (or is it Amorous Rocker?--yer a bit inconsistent there...). Be sure to stop by and check out her site!

"...the Other HNT" is definitely NSFW this week, but not a huge number of submissions. Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers!
Since I never see any of you truly describing your illnesses on your blogs, I thought I'd take the opportunity to run you through mine...

Ah, hell. I'm bagging that idea. The high points--I wheeze, but I can breathe through my nose. Until this afternoon. I cough alot. To the point where it feels like there's a broken rib. To the point where you expect to see that same stuff that you see in the colon cleanse ads come spewing out. My head hurts. My joints hurt. Bright lights hurt my eyes. Good news--no fever, and no stomach problems! But I can always look ahead!

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