Thursday, March 27, 2008

Somewhat Gross and Disgusting HNT

On the days that I have a little time on my hands (HA! Yeah. Right...) I'll spend a little time perusing the various pictures over at Flickr. There's some truly wonderful photographs/photographers over there. Certainly puts me in my place.

Among the various communites over there, you can always find some sort of group to join. Or daily/weekly themes. Some fun, some weird. Well, one of them struck me as odd, but I put it in the back of my mind in case I was in dire need of an idea for HNT. Well, today was that week. The group looked like it was based on weekly dares, and the picture I saw was of a very attractive woman licking the kitchen floor. Yep, the theme was "Dare to Lick Your Kitchen Floor". And due to lack of inspiration, here I am, licking my kitchen floor.

Some things to note: I did not clean the floor prior to licking it. I might not be feeling well... I am happy to report that I did this in one take, but didn't realize the camera strap was in the picture. But I can accept that. My tongue was sorta coated, but that doesn't show, thank God. And fortunately, you can't see how really disgusting the floor is underneath the lower cupboards. At least it gives me a project for the weekend! Now if you'll excuse me. I'm feeling a little woozie....

We seem to have a trend of newer HNTers here for Mystery Guests lately, and this week is no exception. I don't quite know how to describe her, other than to say that we haven't had anyone quite like her around these parts for awhile! Does the term "stream of consciousness" mean anything to you? She's got it down pat! And insatiable, especially when it comes to her husband. I haven't gone through all of her archives, but she always seems happy/positive. Even with the ones that aren't! And you just can't help but smile when you say her name! She's been very good about commenting on your sites for HNT. She strikes me as the type that perches at the computer all night Wednesday, checking out all that she can (ah, just like the old days!)
If you know who this fireball is, be sure to stop by and say hi! We'll reveal her late Thursday afternoon!
Anyone who's gotten one of her comments would certainly recognize our MG as I Smile 2 Much. And boy, does she ever! You can see more of this particular photo session over at her HNT site. Don't miss out!

Once again, we have a nice little collection of pics over at "...the Other HNT". Be sure to stop by and leave a comment! Oh, yeah--NSFW!
Spring is officially here! The temps have been quite nice, there's almost no snow to be found anywhere, and I almost ran over my first squirrel of the season! It was just sitting in the middle of the road, looking like it just woke up out of hibernation. Really shaggy and somewhat incoherent. Rather than scurrying off quickly, it sort of just stared me down, motionless, until it shook its little head and hauled ass off to the nearest tree. Yes, spring has sprung! Now if we can just get the grass to turn green...
I should have mentioned it in the "comments off" post, but we have a second birthday today! Stop by Masquerade's to wish her one!

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