Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wow! Second Post of the Day!

I'm watching "Finding Nemo". I love the movie, but it's on the Disney Channel. I don't believe I've ever spent this much time on this channel. I am eternally grateful that I haven't had to be subjected to this. Young parents--you have my heartfelt condolences...
Who decided that making "Underdog" a live-action movie? And why?? I thought the same things about "Rocky & Bullwinkle". Is nothing sacred anymore?
I'm a bit torn about the fact that NFL pre-season has kicked off, so to speak. I never watch it, because the teams are never the same as what they'll be during the season. It also means that summer is sort of drawing to a close. Fortunately, since there's no teams within hundreds of miles of here, I don't get too swept up in it. BTW--Seattle beat San Diego and Dallas beat Indy!
Oh, yeah. Tiger won the PGA Championship.
"Wild Hogs" comes out on DVD this Tuesday. Did anyone see it? Was it any good?
New adventures of the OsShirt were posted today too!

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