Thursday, August 02, 2007

Frustrating, but "Successful" HNT

Moose and Rachel made it back safe and sound from Glacier yesterday (go to their sites to see some gorgeous scenery!). Moose and I went out for a beer or two last night, to catch up on all the wedding stories from the weekend, and just alot of other stuff, since I hadn't seen her since Wednesday (?!?!). On the way home, she wanted to cut through campus, so we did. As we came around the science building, we looked at the North Hills, where the big fire is burning. It was SO cool! We couldn't see any flames, but the smoke rising up was glowing a bright orange! And we were seeing this from 35 miles away! I couldn't wait to get home to set up the camera and tripod. I wanted to show you guys the difference from a few days ago.

There's nothing as frustrating as trying to set up a shot, and the camera doesn't cooperate. You saw the pictures from a couple of days ago. They were focused on the hills in the dark. I know it can be done!! But not last night. See the examples below...(click 'em to big 'em!)

Also frustrating is the fact that what we saw, didn't last. The fire is behind the hills, so no more flame pictures, I guess. But I tried! If you click the picture on the right, you can see a lone fire engine's red light (again--a 20 second exposure). So I'm totally frustrated, and I still haven't taken a HNT. That's where inspiration (or desperation) takes over. I pulled back from the mountains, kept the 20-sec. exposure, and flashed a halogen spotlight quickly on and off. First attempt. Sometimes you get lucky! (again--click n' big. it's sorta cool!)

This week's Mystery Guest probably isn't someone that most of you would know. She's one of the early HNTers. From the days of "innocence". Fun-loving, and in love. Then she moved to Libya to work with her honey. Not a whole lot of nekkidness going on over there (HNT-wise). Nor did she have the time. They've been back in the States for awhile, but her honey has gone back to the desert again to work some more. So she's got a little time to do silly things. Like the anon site or MG pictures! We'll reveal her identity, but probably not her site. Since she's returned from Libya, "I had updated it some while there, and even once or twice since I got home. Damned Blogger won't let me touch it with my old email account, so I'm not adding anymore! LOL" So there ya go. Check Thursday afternoon for the reveal!
Our Mystery Guest is April, the one, the original, DixieBelle!
Two of my very favorite bloggers celebrate their birthdays on Thursday! No One In Particular, who, for a long time, didn't post her face, is still early in her 30s, and is currently on vacation in Wisconsin. I don't think she'll be getting the same sorts of presents that she got last year, but I'm fairly certain she hasn't just tossed them out or anything!

Leesa is at the other end of 30. She's gathered a few more cats over the past year, as well as a few housemates. She continues to post photographs of her cats, her bears, her deer, her horses, her raccoon, her hummingbirds, the mountains, the rivers, the moon, and just about anything that's within her lens. Even her cats have learned to make the "oh no, not again!" face... Once in awhile, she'll even grace us with a picture of her own lovely self!

If we're lucky, she'll have pictures up from her trip to the Testicle Festival. Haven't heard for sure if she went, but we can only hope!

Be sure to stop at each of these ladies' sites and wish them the very happiest of birthdays!!!
"...the Other HNT" has a decidedly nutty flavor to it this week. Be sure to stop by and comment! As usual, it's NSFW.
Just read in today's paper that we had 28 days in July with temperatures above 90°. Eight of them above 100°. Smashed just about every temperature record. And the good news? August is usually hotter and drier than July, and "they" predict more of the same! The better news--the humidity climbed up today. All the way up into the low teens!

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