Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smoky HNT

OK, so I've been bitching for awhile about the heat, and more recently, the smoke. The smoke is really the killer part of things these days. The problem isn't the smoke from fires nearby, though they contribute their own bit of nastiness. No, it's the fires in the nearby states that blows through that's really bad. Because of the geography of this region, and the winds that blow up from California, we get smoke from Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. Plus the fires in extreme southwest Montana. Here's what it was like a week ago (remember--out of focus pics from last week's posts), and what it looked like at around 6:00 PM Tuesday night.

Among the nasty stuff that the smoke does is irritation of the eyes, a mouthful of smokey taste in the morning, and a coating of ash on everything. And as proof? Here's a CD I had burned in the middle of the week, and left upside down on a table. This is the result after 5 days.... And my half-nekkid fingers, too! (be sure to click 'n big! it's worth it!)

This week's Mystery Guest is pretty well known among us. She comments on just about everyone's site, and has dragged a friend or two of hers into HNT. She's used to be someone else, left, and then came back. And she hasn't looked back since! She's a great tease, leaving just enough to the imagination! She's a goofball of the first degree! Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. She wears hers on her panties! This should be a fairly easy guess, but I'll reveal her Thursday afternoon!
Not a great deal of mystery here. The Mystery Guest this week was our favorite Vixen! Be sure to stop by and say howdy! You'll be glad you did!
"...the Other HNT" is again very testosterone-infused, with just a bit of femininity included! Definitely NSFW! Be sure to leave a comment for your fellow HNTers!
A mini-rant towards my ISP... I came home this afternoon to find that my cable company disconnected my internet and TV. So of course, I call to find out what's up. The short story--they screwed up one of my payments. The polite and apologetic customer service girl offered to reconnect me without charging me. But the earliest she can service me (*snort*) is next Wednesday!!! I'm currently at my parent's house using their internet. The nice part of all of this--the polite and apologetic customer service girl called me about an hour later and told me she got the local guys to agree to re-hook me tomorrow!! Have you ever had a customer service person call you back unexpectedly? There really ARE nice people out there!

Something I thought about a couple of days ago. Has Sharon Stone ever looked so hot and sexy as she did in "The Quick and the Dead"??

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