Thursday, August 23, 2007

HNT With Chicago

As you probably saw below (you did see all the pics below...?), there were plenty of chances to take pictures. In fact, after about two songs, Robert Lamm (the original keyboardist/lead vocalist) mentioned that they knew that we all had cell phones, digital cameras, etc., and told us to all whip them out. He encouraged their use. "Put us up on Youtube!" "Take a picture of yourself with us in the background!" Which is exactly what I did. Not as good as I had hoped, but by golly, it's me and the boys!

For those who don't know, I'm generally the one who writes these blurbs for the Mystery Guest. Which requires extensive research and digging through the blogs of each MG. Some of them I already know, others give me a chance to find out new things. But the secret is to get enough text down so that it looks good against their picture. At other times, the picture is good enough that whatever drivel I write doesn't matter! Sort of like now. This lovely set of breasts belong to a sex writer, a submissive, and one who loves to stay cool in the summer. Any way she can! She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon, but will gladly admit to being the MG if you ask her!
This week's Mystery Guest is naughty but mysterious Bad Bad Girl! Stop by and say hi!

"...the Other HNT" this week is, as usual, NSFW. But there's a couple of continuing series! Be sure to stop by and comment!
Is it time for a theme??

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