Sunday, August 12, 2007

Catching Up 'n Stuff

First off--customer service is only as good as the service you actually get! The "brief" rundown:
  • Wed. afternoon I see notice that my cable company has disconnected me. Reason: 60 days past due.
  • Immediately call, confirm that they were wrong. Customer Service Rep (CSR) #1 tells me no hook-up before next Wed.
  • CSR #1 calls and leaves msg. that local dispatch will take care of me tomorrow, no specific time. She also asks why I have two separate accts. (???) She combines them, and it should save me $10 or more/month! Run HNT from my parent's house (out of town).
  • Thur. AM. Call toll-free number to confirm they'll hook-up. CSR #2 confirms, but no time.
  • Come home Thur. night to no TV, no internet. CSR #3 tells me he's sorry, but earliest I can expect is next Wed. I go to bed mad.
  • Fri. AM. Call to see if I can get taken care of today. CSR #4 tells me she didn't think so, but she'd contact the local dispatch to see...
  • Fri. afternoon. Dawns on me that even though I'm not connected, my email should be available. I call. CSR #5 tells me that when my accts were merged, my email didn't automatically follow. I had to RECLAIM my 10+ year old email acct. But she did note that there was a "must connect today" order on my acct.
  • Fri. late afternoon. I have TV! I fire up the computer, but nothing seems to be happening. CSR #6 tells me that he can see that I've signed up for internet, but sees no MAC numbers or devices online. I tell him about the merging of accts, and he's shaking his head on the other end (how do I know? I just do). He took about 15 minutes to get me restarted.
I don't fault the Customer Service people. I think I was well taken care of by them. But DAMN....!
My sister (S1) and her husband (BIL1.2) were in town for her 30th class reunion. We got together for a siblings BBQ on Thursday night, and then another one out at the lake on Saturday. Sort of a last fling, too, since Niece2 will be running off to college pretty quick. Lots of friends of the kids there too. N1 brought half her college soccer team, N2 had a couple of friends. Even N3 had one. Nephew1, who's 12, didn't bring anyone, but is good friends with an 11 y.o. girl (who happened to win the National PPK in her age group a couple of years ago). They were inseparable. Curious to see if that continues. Right now, he's clueless!

And where are the pics, you ask? Well, I suck. Which is too bad. Besides having all sorts of half-nekkidness around, my almost 72 year old mother had her first ride on a jet-ski. And not a gentle jaunt around the bay. BIL2 took her out, and even though he didn't try to throw her, he was doing some pretty tight turns. Mom has ridden a motorcycle once in her life, and swore never again. The jet-ski will definitely see her again!
Weather around here is still warm, but not the stifling heat of last month. The smoke is still around. Bad enough on Thursday that everyone's automatic headlights were on during the mid-afternoon, as well as most of the streetlights. We've had some wind, so alot of it's blown out, but there's still alot of August and September to deal with...
Have you seen the newest Arby's commercial with the Irish step-dancing chimps? I laugh out loud every time I see it!
I bought 2 pizzas from the grocery store Wednesday night. They were fresh-made, and on sale, but sold in pairs. I cooked one, and while I was eating it for dinner, I put the second one in to cook, so I'd have cold pizza for breakfast for a week! But I forgot about it. About 45 minutes of cooking, and I ended up with a disk that rivaled a hockey puck for hardness. I've never done that before! Just as well, the pizza really sucked...
I've been listening to internet radio at work, to flush out the classical music I've been listening to 24/7. Found a 60s/70s station that fascinates me. To one in my family is remotely musical. I've come to terms with that. I believe the milkman was musical about 51 years ago. But that has nothing to do with this story. In the formative years of my musical tastes, my mother (who is as white as she possibly can be) started buying albums. Things that she liked. And I had no one else to protect me.

I still own those albums. Glen Campbell. Bobby Sherman. Bobby Goldsboro. Sergio Mendes. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (ah, the Whipped Cream album...). Etcetera. The list goes on. But they're in storage, and I haven't listened to them in years. Until I started listening to this station. "Julie, Do You Love Me?", "Honey", "Watching Scotty Grow" (my favorite). What's nice about this station is that they also play #1 hits from the mid-70s, so there's a nice mix, and my entire childhood is being played back for me!

It's time to drag out the LPs. The ones I want are probably at the bottom of the pile (1500+ albums in storage). But I think it'll be worth it!

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