Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy weekend, sort of...

Weekend started with a gig on Friday night. A local hotel had finished renovations, and invited the town to come celebrate. I should have known that it was going to be a long evening when I first showed up. Instinct told me that I needed to be there early, and when I got there, the "stage" that they put up would have barely accommodated a 4-piece country band, let alone us. The banquet staff seemed miffed (they actually had our space requirements, too!), but brought out extra pieces of staging for us. Then we fired up our lights, and immediately blew out 2 of them. Not their fault, but still...

We were hired to play from 9-1. During that entire time, there might have been 50 different people that wandered through. And that was mostly for the free food that was being provided. So did we get to leave early? Oh, no. We played right up to 1AM for maybe 8 people that were still around. The bar had already closed up shop, and the buffet had been taken out an hour earlier. Of course, my leg gave me fits all night, and I aggravated it even more as we loaded out (do I feel any sympathy here yet?). I've said it before--there is nothing worse than playing for a small, unappreciative crowd. I hate gigs like that...
Hauled my cookies down to the college to watch my niece play soccer. The team is ranked #6 in the nation (NAIA), and are undefeated early in this season. They took on the team from the University of Alberta, whose student enrollment is about 20 times bigger than Carroll's (and bigger than the two state universities combined!). Spent the entire game in the boxes that belongs to a friend of my sister's. Who happens to be a local beer distributor. Do you see where this is headed? We relatively behaved ourselves, and didn't embarrass any of the kids. Too much. Oh, yeah. Carroll won, 3-1. I'm sure I'll continue with soccer updates throughout the season.
Spent Sunday working on music for the symphony. Specifically, transposing some clarinet parts. Very specifically, transposing the 4th and 5th movements of Berlioz' "Symphony Fantastique" from C clarinet to B-flat clarinet. It's been awhile since I've done it, so it was good to get my hands dirty again, as it were. It's all done on the computer, and time totally escapes me when I get on a roll. Not what I had intended for the day, but it felt gratifying. And I get paid by the clarinetists with cases of beer. Kokanee. Makes Os a happy camper!
Ooh! I just got my first big spam in comments! Not one of those short ones, but one that would take 5 pages of paper to print out! It's over at "...the Other HNT" under the picture titled "From another position...". Take the time to glance through it--it won't stay up long. It's really amazing!
Ooh! Another one showed up on my Chicago HNT post below! Not as long, but still full of all sortsa crap!
THIS JUST IN! The contract isn't signed yet, but it appears that Elton John will be playing in Missoula at the end of September! This will be the second huge concert in as many years (Rolling Stones played last year). This will be harder to get tickets to, because it will be indoors in a very small venue. He hasn't done anything decent since he started writing music soundtracks, but hey, this is Elton John we're talking about! Sir Elton John! I'll keep you updated on this development too!

Wow. I didn't think I had anything to write about today!

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