Monday, February 05, 2007

Os the Pimp (and other stuff...)

Maybe it's because it hit 60 degrees here today (YES!!!). Maybe because I know how to take a bribe. Whatever the reason, I'm pimpin' again tonight--
    A longtime favorite blogger has taken a new direction and is wanting everyone to stop by. She's done her first HNT, and has a meme for you to steal. For our purposes here, you can call her Lily (no, not that one, nor that other one, nor even that third one over there...). You can check her out here. Stop by and say hi!
    Evalee has posted a personals ad for herself on her site. Rather than trying or one of the other freak magnet sites. Interested? Know of someone else who might be interested? Be sure to stop by!
    No One In Particular, over at Tasty Tidbits of Life has finally changed her template reworked her blog and gotten rid of that hideous purple and zebra theme it looks great! Nothing overly flashy, but at least it loads better!
    I got my CD in the mail last week from my dear friend Rhanda (rhymes with panda). It is as good or better than I expected! She's having a CD release party later this month in Missoula, and I'm trying to get her to come here and do the same thing. She emailed me to let me know that she found my blog, and thanked me for promoting her. She didn't mention anything else... Check my post link, and the link to her site from there. Lots of CDs still available!


    The post below about Summer getting engaged is all you'll get from me. Her site is by invite only. Sorry!
    Now that my position with the symphony has changed, a HUGE amount of stress is gone! The woman who took the bulk of my prior position is having the same problems that plagued me for 3-4 years. It really is a vindication for me. And I think the rest of the staff is finding out the same thing.
    Keep sending your pics in for the Mystery Guest and anon sites!

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