Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wiped-Out HNT

I'm not going to gross you out with anymore stories of being sick. Though I was going to tell you one about the 6-inch crusty booger that ran from just inside my nose, all the way to my throat where it constantly tickled and made me cough, but I decided I'd better not.

Rather than stay comatose for 5 days, I did attempt to do some things. I did a load of dishes. I finished up some paperwork. I even tried to play my horn. Try being the operative word. Couldn't do it. Every time I took a breath, my upper chest would gurgle. Every time I exhaled, my upper sinuses would counter with a jab of pain. Kind of where that nice cool mouthpiece is (see below). Plus I couldn't hold a note for more than a second. It was quite frustrating. I did show up to rehearsal, but didn't even bother bringing my horn. Not only would I have been worthless, but imagine how I could have directed all the germs coming out the bell! "Hey, you, oboe player...remember how you laughed at my solo during the last concert? Take this! Blaaatttt..."

All in all, I'm feeling much better today, and anticipate a full recovery soon. Of course, it's symphony week this week, so something's bound to screw up. But I have to say--now that I have these new duties with the organization, the fact that the large truck that we use to transport equipment died earlier barely even phased me!

This week's peek-a-boo Mystery Guest is actually back for an encore. It wasn't too long ago that she appeared here (ah, the luck of the draw!). She's been a longtime HNTer, and has recently rejoined the ranks of active participants. She's a music lover, and can be found listening to anything from Daft Punk, to Stevie Wonder, to Frank Sinatra or Thelonius Monk. And she's got her kid listening to the same stuff and loving it! I think we'll be revealing her to you on Thursday, but be sure to stop by and say hi, if you think you know who it is!
"...the Other HNT" is a bit on the sparse side this week. In fact, the only ones that submitted were a couple of newcomers. That's OK. Sometimes it rolls like that! Be sure to stop by. As always--NSFW!
Haven't mentioned much about my parents, since they're spending my inheritance in Hawaii for another 6 weeks. I did hear that Dad had a minor fall, but that means major bruising, at least. There's supposed to be a picture and a story, so that might be coming in the near future! Other than that, they're having fun!
Things are definitely still in the warm and fuzzy stage!

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