Thursday, February 08, 2007

Inspired HNT

I was inspired last week by AAG's HNT, where she was sort of lamenting the fact that she hadn't really had any reason to deal with the personal gardening duties down in her nether regions. In her own words, "I suppose it's not really that I'm lazy, but that there's been little necessity to engage in rigorous hair-removal strategies of late. I'm kind of enjoying it. For the love of God don't click if you are at work!" And she had this same picture (below) that you could click, and you could see exactly what she was talking about (yes, it's what you think it might be).

Though she's been lax due to a lack of activity (well, she apparently doesn't mind it herself!), around here it seems to be a much more common occurrence during the winter months. It's more of a defense mechanism, it seems. It's easier to stay warm in the winter if there's a little hair on the lower extremities. And if you're not shaving the legs, then there's no real reason to go anywhere else. And one might generally let things maybe get a little out of control. Desperately in need of a trim. Or in come cases, a complete shave. I think it's a northern thing. I don't have any way to know about southern girls.

Like I said up above, I was inspired by her post. And the beauty of her garden picture (which, btw, is really green!). And the cleverness of the click-through. I said, the cleverness of the click-through. Hint, hint... (click at your own risk!) Thanks for the inspiration, AAG!

I've never had anyone actually tattoo my name on their body, that I'm aware of. So imagine my joy when I got this picture submitted to be the Mystery Guest! No, it's not a tattoo, but it was a sharpie, and it didn't wash off right away! I'm honored! Maybe I need to come up with an "Os" tattoo. Maybe not... This MG has decided not to reveal herself this week. Not sure why, but she apparently must think there's something a little risqué! If you think you know who it is, stop by and say hi!
"...the Other HNT" is a little sparse in participation this week compared to other weeks. Still NSFW though!
I'm beyond the giddiness part. Warm and fuzzies have started. I'm a lost cause...

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