Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I'm not quite sure who found the other first. I was just a newbie with this whole blogging thing. I think she left me a comment, so I went to check her out. Sort of a strange woman, but there was something about her... This was her profile pic at the time (or one very similar to it).

I don't remember exactly when we met online. I had left a comment about scary movies or something, and she responded that we lived in the same town. I also seem to remember a post about her blue bra being stolen off the laundry line, which seemed odd, since it was February. But I digress. We eventually met face to face, and I ended up finding the best beer drinking buddy one could find. I even got her to meet some other friends of mine. Little did I know how THAT would come back to bite me on the butt!

We've been friends for about 2 years, now. I couldn't ask for a better one. I've seen her cry--hell, I can make her cry on demand! She's told me to fuck off in that really serious way that friends can do. We laugh, we drink, we eat, we watch movies. We've discussed conquests, gossiped about you guys, and basically had a pretty good time together. You all should be jealous.

When you get a chance, go by and wish Rachel a Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy your day off, babe! (No, I've not had the pleasure of seeing this particular view in person...)

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