Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Something or Other

The Super Bowl is soon about to start. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I'm sitting at home by myself to watch it. No parties, no bars--nothing. I haven't been so uninspired by a Super Bowl in ages. I just don't care about either of these teams. I suppose I'll root for the Bears, since everyone else is picking the Colts. But that's the only reason. Well, and because I think of Peyton Manning in the same way that I think of John Elway. Which is not particularly in a good light.

So I'm watching the Super Bowl today by myself. I might surf the net at the same time. The pre-game has been too long. The halftime "show" is embarrassingly overproduced anymore (why can't we bring back the "Butt-Bowl"??).

In fact, the "game" is less and less the focus anymore. I find it sad that the only thing to look forward to will be the commercials. And after last year's offerings, I'm not optimistic.

EDIT--Nice job by Billy Joel. No lip sync. No pre-recorded orchestra. The Piano Man and his piano. In the rain! Then they had to show Marlee Matlin...

EDIT 2--Now THAT'S how it's done!!! Chicago up, 7-0!

EDIT 3--Well, I have to admit that the halftime show wasn't too bad, and it actually DID have a marching band, and Prince kicked butt. But it was still too overproduced...

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