Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hiding HNT

"Hiding" isn't quite what I was going for when I took this week's HNTs. Sometimes a good idea doesn't quite work the way you want it to.

I already mentioned earlier in the week that Rachel and I spent Sunday afternoon doing the pizza/beer/DVD thing. It was also the first chance that she was able to give me a Christmas present. Well, not the first, but since I was at her place, she didn't have to forget to bring it to me! We had spent time at our local WalMart early in December to look for lights and ornaments, since I was in such a happy Christmas mood. As we walked around, there were a couple of shelves of those little tabletop water fountains that gurgle and drip and flow and generally make you relax. I've never had one, but I mentioned that I've always wanted one. The seed had been unknowingly planted.

Well, you guessed it. She got me one! And it's been flowing for a couple of days now. It really IS relaxing, especially if there's no other sounds (TV, stereo, etc.) and it's dark. I generally keep it up by my plants--they seem to like it too! I had hoped that the little lights at the top would have illuminated things better, but they didn't. By the same token, the darker ones certainly hid me well! Click 'em to big 'em to see me! If you can't see me in the top two, you can see me playing with the flash a little bit in the bottom two.

Like I said, the "hiding" isn't what I was really going for, but it turned out well for that. Sometimes you just have to accept what you get and do the best you can with it!

This week's Mystery Guest is a relative newcomer to HNT. She was born in Canada, and has traveled the world extensively. She's well-known for her writing. In fact, she's a full-time writer, but isn't afraid to take her turn behind the bar and sling a few drinks. She's not going to reveal her identity, but she'll admit to it if you were to email and ask her.

"...the Other HNT" is still bringing lots of visitors, but not the comments. Please feel free to leave on for your fellow HNTers! As usual, it's NSFW!
I know I don't do this anymore, but JeannieGrrl had to post early due to some house-moving issues. Go check out her new site!
I'll make the announcement now--there will not be a specific Valentine's Day theme. Everyone is invited to show off their mushy side, but there's just as many who despise the day as those who love it. So no particular theme, OK?
Good news--the new Blogger hasn't screwed up anything on my site. Yet.
Update--giddiness still runs rampant.

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