Saturday, October 14, 2006

Temporary new look

Hope you like it. I'm partial to Halloween. And fall is in the air. And I'm just tickled that my potential hard drive problems didn't turn out too bad. So you get a new look for awhile. Might play with it more--we'll see.
We have a gig tonight. A fundraiser for the hospital foundation here. Lotsa money, auction items, young 20- and 30-somethings dressed in their finest (actually, this is the best gig of the year for checking out the eye candy!). We've been playing pretty well as of late, so this should be a good night. Highly doubtful we'll get to see boobies flashed tonight, but I'll let you know!
Speaking of boobies, this site was brought to my attention today. Another fun way to show support and give money towards finding a cure for breast cancer. I think their donation percentage could be a bit better, but every little bit helps!

I end the week with a valuable lesson learned. On whatever calendar you use to mark the date to change the battery in your smoke alarms, to renew your driver's license, to renew your car's registration, or to renew your auto insurance, you should schedule regular weekly or bi-weekly backups of your computer's hard drive. Go schedule it. Now!

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