Sunday, October 22, 2006

Odds & Ends

Under a little pressure from a certain blogger to make a decision, I've decided to let the public choose--Do we have a Halloween theme for HNT this year? And if so, which Thursday? I'll leave this up until noon on Monday. If we go with one, you'll need to publicize it on your own sites!

THE MASSES HAVE VOTED AND A DECISION HAS BEEN REACHED! By over a 2-1 margin, the Oct. 26th option won out. have 3 days to come up with a Halloween-themed HNT for this week. Not a requirement, of course, but it would be fun for as many as possible to participate! SPREAD THE WORD ON YOUR OWN SITES!!! "Halloween-themed" means whatever it might mean to you, the poster. Have at it!
Finally got a picture of the two bloggers who housesat for Leesa a couple of weeks ago. This is Redhead Editor, me, and Pam. Pardon the squinty eyes and blinding hair--it was bright out.

You'll notice my list of bloggers that I've actually had the pleasure to meet in person. In somewhat of a chronologic order. These two were #18 & #19. Any bets on who's #20? EDIT: I KNEW this would happen! I spaced out a previous blogger, so I've already hit #20!
If I have time, I want to do some sort of monster/scary movie list. My all-time favorites. The ones that somehow have left their mark on me. Hope I can get it done it time...
Haven't made much mention of the 4-time NAIA National Football Champions this season. That would be Carroll College here in Helena, for those of you late in joining. They are currenly riding a 29-game winning streak since the middle of the 2004 season. They had a similar streak going prior to two losses in a row in the middle of that year (suicide of a teammate had alot to do with that...). They've been ranked #1 in the nation for almost 2 years. They are favored to win an unprecedented 5th national championship in a row this season. Look for much more on this as the playoffs approach. The championship game will once again be played in Savannah, TN. It was the reason I went to Nashville and afforded me the opportunity to meet a great bunch of TN bloggers. I'd like to say I'll be down there again, but that might be pushing it...
Christmas must be right around the corner. I just bought my first half-gallon of egg nog at the store tonight.

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