Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cracked HNT

BIRTHDAY ALERT!!--I screwed up. Just.a.girl has a birthday today! I thought it was tomorrow (Thursday)... I suck. But my mind has been elsewhere. Stop by and wish her the best (even though she hasn't posted since February!). Sorry about that, babe!
Well, this has been a terribly long week. Stress from the symphony, combined with the computer problems, has given me all sorts of weird dreams, lack of sleep, and alot of tossing and turning. Things are minimally better, but better. The big question for any of you--what's the easiest/cheapest way to get data off of a drive that won't let me into it??

With all that's been going on this week--the surgery performed on two different laptops, the constant dealing with answering machines and the lack of response, and the stress of dealing with getting the Mystery Guest and anonymous sites up and running, I didn't get a decent HNT taken.

On the other hand, I spent a great deal of time staring at the hole/crack in my monitor, and realized that, after you get past the initial disgust of events and results, you can get some really neat effects with it, depending what's behind it! So I offer you close-ups of my cracked screen. Don't cringe too much. If you squint your eyes really tight, you might even see my nekkidness reflected in the glass! As Leesa would say--click it to big it!

This week's Mystery Guest is certainly a sight for sore eyes. She's a fun-loving, sexy, country-music lovin' gal! Don't let the blonde hair fool you. She's smart as a whip. Has the degree to prove it! She's not afraid to let her opinion be known. And I just KNOW she looks damned good all dirty and sweaty on a tractor! This southern beauty is about as perfect as you could possibly want! She'll be revealing herself tomorrow afternoon, but stop by to say hi if you know who it is!
Today's Mystery Guest is the very beautiful (take my word on that one), very sexy, and very impatient Betcha (as in Betchacantguesswho). Go say hi!
"...the Other HNT" is NSFW, but tamer than the past few weeks (thanks for the late submissions, guys!).
A new adventure in Michigan for the OsShirt, in case you haven't been over there...
I'm going to put on my pimp hat and let you know a few things:
  • Cuddleslut is back up with a new site! And looking better than ever!
  • 25 Peeps has had a number of HNTers on its front page. In fact, a quick glance today shows at least 3 up there right now! Go find your favorite Peep and click!
  • We all remember the very photogenic Femi-Mommy. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she had to sneak underground in bloggerworld. She did come out briefly to pimp a fundraiser for her daughter's school, though, and now so am I! Go to this site to order up all sorts of seasonal (Christmas) items and gifts. Wrapping paper, custom cards, gifts--lots of stuff! Be sure to use the school code 67907 to be sure that her school reaps the benefits!

A big nasty RANT--WTF is up with Blogrolling this week??

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