Friday, October 13, 2006

Da Count #6

Well, for most of this week, I've been under a great deal of stress. Symphony issues have been kicking my ass (too few harpists anywhere nearby...), and when my hard drive failed, it was about all that I could handle. In fact, when a close friend called on Sunday night, I told her that I couldn't talk. Not because I was busy, but because I was afraid that I would fall apart in mid-conversation. And I just don't do that. All I wanted to do was puke, scream, cry, and curl up in a ball in the corner. Things were that bad.

If "Da Count" is supposed to be about the GOOD things that count in our life, then I found mine on Thursday morning. Thanks to this particular software, "DiskWarrior" by Alsoft, I was able to rebuild my hard drive to the point that I could recover a major part of my life. I now have a little over 20GB of music, pictures, documents, symphony databases, HNTs, pictures of my Carribean trip, and the Nashville trip, Mystery Guests, the Collection, and other irreplaceable files sitting on my computer (iMac G5) at work. When I purchase a new hard drive (ugh!) to replace the temporary (20GB) one I'm using now, I'll format it with Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), and should be able to recover over 3 years of emails too! I think I'll be able to recover just about everything I want. One thing I'm sure I WON'T get will be the bookmarks to the "secret" sites that some of you have started, so if you could send those to me again....

A "humorous" thing happened as I was transferring files. While moving a folder of pictures over to the G5, it crashed 3 time in a row. Obviously a bad file somewhere. I isolated it without too much trouble. It was one of MG's "Fuck You Friday" pictures. There were other bad files, but this is the one that froze everything. Thanks, babe!

As the week winds down, I'm less stressed. Yeah, the symphony stuff is still there, but I'll be able to handle it. So "Da Count" in my life this week is DiskWarrior. You counted when I needed you! A second, and just as important Count would be all of you who have put up with my meltdown all week. Your offers of replenishing the Collection, and rebuilding the MG and anon folders, and just being there to hear me whimper has meant alot. You guys count in my book too!

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