Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Eskimo!

Well, I'm getting this posted before midnight, so I'm still OK. Thursday was the 25th birthday of Jessica, our favorite Redneck Eskimo. I remember the first time I'd ever heard of her--she had emailed me with a question regarding the HNT buttons or some other template-related matter. I was more than slightly confused about the whole Redneck Eskimo moniker. This is the first image I ever had of her--
I eventually found out that she was born in Alaska. She's also lived in California. She did most of her growing up in Oklahoma.
If you talk to her on the phone, or chat with her, there's no question that she's a redneck! Yes, this is Jessica drinking real moonshine in Louisiana, and how it affected her. BTW--she was there for a funeral. Seriously...
One thing that I think people don't realize about her is that her culinary skills are outstanding. Of course, the only thing I can base that on would be the cupcakes she sent to me for my birthday (if you remember--those cupcakes). But she'll whip up a dinner like MacGyver with just a jar of Nutella, Wheat Thins and some yogurt! There is no doubt that she's always been the queen of her kitchen!
She's been the Mystery Guest, contributed to the anonymous site, and had her turn with the OsShirt. She sent me a wonderful birthday present, which I'd better not show here. Suffice it to say that Jessica has embraced HNT like few others!
She recently made the move to Wichita and is learning the joys of living completely on her own once again. Even though she's all redneck, the girl has a good head on her shoulders. But she gets awfully girly at times, too. And she's got a weird llama fetish--I still don't understand that one. She drinks beer, she belches, she can swear like a sailor. There's a great deal more that I could say, but I don't want to embarrass her too much more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA!! Hope the day was a good one to you! And before you chew me out for using some of these pictures, I think I've got one last one that beats you to it! Go over and wish her a belated birthday! Love ya, babe!

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