Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How Do You Tell Someone...

    ...that there are ignorant, juvenile people out there that only exist to belittle others in order to further their own incestual masturbation?

    ...that you're proud of what they've done, in spite of apparent failure?

    ...that you're proud of how they've handled themselves in a nasty situation?

    ...that they've made a mistake (or two...), but they aren't the bad person that they think they are?

    ...that even though they are soon to be alone, that things aren't as bad as they seem?

    ...that if you could take away their pains or sicknesses, you would?

    ...that you're disappointed in the group of people they've aligned themselves with?

    ...that they are one of the finest people you "know"?

    ...that their insecurities are the same ones that you have?

    ...that their incessant self-image issues need to end--not for the blog reader's sake, but for their own?

    ...that their daily posts are the bright spot in your day?
I was in a mood tonight, and started thinking of the various bloggers that I talk/chat with on a regular basis, and some that I don't. There's alot of "ick" out there. It's my nature to want to fix things like that. And I realized my frustration in not being able to do it. And my frustration in not being able to interact on a real, face-to-face basis. It would be so much easier if this community of friends lived in the same area, rather than spread all over the globe. You all want to move to Montana??

This is not the post I intended to write, but these all just rolled off my fingers. They were originally written with specific individuals in mind, but I re-read them, and realized that they could apply to more than just one. If any of these strike a chord with you, then it probably applies. But don't try to over-analyze, K?

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