Monday, October 30, 2006

Musical Monday #7

In honor of my #1 favorite monster/scary movie (see prior post--go now!), I present the unmistakable opening notes of "The Exorcist". The piece is actually titled "Tubular Bells", written by Mike Oldfield. Because of the popularity/notoriety of the movie, his musical theme is one of the most recognized in the movie industry.

I'd go back and check (but I'm too lazy...), but I think that all the instruments played on this piece were played by Mr. Oldfield himself. I remember thinking how cool that was when I heard about that. And he offered a sort of music appreciation class at the end of it. The music gets very sparse, and then he adds instruments, one by one, and basically narrates from that point on, telling us exactly what instrument is being added. Who knew that "The Exorcist" would be educational, too??

Well, it seems that Castpost is as fickle as Blogger. Eventually, I'll get the clip posted. In the meantime, I'll repeat the example from last week--the opening notes from "The Shining". Well, hell. Now the Castpost thing won't play. Must be the evil spirits having their way...
Well, I think I finally got everything working...

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