Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Some more odds n' ends

The Rolling Stones are playing in Missoula tonight. The "big" news stories have been that there are still tickets available! WHAT??? And that scalpers are going to be taking it in the shorts. One guy interviewed said that he'd be lucky to break even. He also went on to say that he wasn't going to the concert--that he's just not into the Stones. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? He dropped $2K on tickets, hoping to resell them at a considerable profit. There were screams of outrage when people couldn't get logged on to Ticketmaster right away, and they were "sold out" after 20 minutes. I hope this guy and others like him have to eat their losses! Fuckers. The other "problem" is that the concert was moved from a Friday night to a Wednesday night. Give me a break! This is why no big concerts come to Montana--no one wants to go out on a school night! The Stones will be playing tonight to a less-than-packed house tonight. That is so very wrong...
I have often pontificated here about the fact that Macs don't have problems. The caveat--if they do have problems, it indicates MAJOR problems. Twice in three days, it has appeared to freeze, when actually, it's just taken a time-out to figure out how to screw me. The result from the first time is that my Firefox preference file was lost. Not that big of a deal, but still a pain. The second time, however, was last night. My entire iPhoto library is lost. Nowhere to be found. 4500+ pictures. Oh, the files are still there--iPhoto just can't find them.

I ran a diagnostic, which told me that the hard drive indicated a "fatal error", and that I should back up as much information as I could and replace the drive. Damn. The good news--I should have a drive laying around that I can use. The bad news--I don't have the time to do a full back up (shaddup--I know). So if HNT isn't up and running right at the usual time, it's because my Mac is dead. Anyone that I have in my cell phone should be prepared for an emergency call!
Look for a new entry on the OsShirt site in the near future. I believe that a wild party in Detroit is the next story to read about!

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