Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Stuff

As anticipated, things are getting pretty busy around here. Though I will say that the weekend turned out pretty good. I wish I could tell you what happened Friday night, but I honestly can't. Not because of any drunken debauchery, but because I just don't remember. Other than I stopped in at the office at about 11:30 PM. Couldn't tell you anything else about the night...

Saturday was our first rehearsal for the big concert this weekend. No surprises, no problems. Other than the room temperature was unbearable. Won't get any better as the week goes on, either...

Sunday we had a symphony picnic, which could have been disastrous. Turned out quite nicely, however. Didn't overindulge, other than the potato salad and beans (paying for that now, however). I got a phone call while I was there from just.a.girl. She informed me that she was going to be in town in about an hour, and flying back to Portland in the morning. What a wonderful surprise! I met up with her at the Brewhouse (our standard spot), and drank lots of beer. Below are phone pics from the evening. I don't know who the woman in black was--don't think I want to. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do justice to the shirt creeping up to her shoulder blades and up over her belly. And I give you the raw picture of the two of us. No time to crop it or anything. Yes, I look toasted. I think I was. And she was pissed at her ex-bf, who was taking the picture. She was happy to see me!

As mentioned earlier, this is a really busy week for me. The sooner you get Mystery Guest and/or anonymous pictures in to me, the better. Time is severely limited this week!
Still need 940 reasons for Rachel not to move to D.C. (see post below). I could use some help on this...
I got a slew of Monkees' mp3s sent to me over the weekend!!
Sporadic commenting/chatting/emailing from me this week. Sorry, that's just the way it's going to have to be!

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