Monday, July 10, 2006

God has a sense of humor

Either He's got a sense of humor, or He wants to torment me even more.

What did I find this afternoon when I got home from work? Yep--a 4th bird on the balcony to kill (read below if you haven't read the bird stories). So I got a new box, put it back up where the old one was, and duct taped it down. I'll keep you up dated.
UPDATE: I watched this one take a header from the box, all the way down to the concrete. It was briefly stunned, then ran to the bush. Godspeed, little one--you're on your own (you have a better chance than if you stuck around here!)
There seems to be great interest in seeing the tutu as part of a future HNT. Sorry, boys and girls. It no longer exists.

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