Thursday, July 20, 2006

Busy, busy, busy HNT


So this is the week that's kicking me in the pants. Lots of stuff going on. Trying to get it all taken care of. I try not to take care of personal or other business during my "day" job (other than the occasional blogging/chatting that some of you know I do). But this week, I broke down. I'm not sure what exactly is going on in the pictures below (note the summery haircut and the use of two different phones!), but it could be any one of the following:
    --Confirming that the stage will be here Friday.
    --Calling the music librarian to be sure a piece of music was sent out.
    --Confirming the piano movers.
    --Confirming the parking logistics.
    --Calling Rachel about her post.
    --Checking on details about my parent's party tomorrow night.
    --Confirming the limo for said party.
    --Confirming with the paper that an article would appear tomorrow.
    --Confirming the stage crew for Friday/Saturday.
    --Confirming possession of the noise permit.
    --Confirming the port-o-potties.
    --Confirming the police/ambulance/fire departments.
    --Arguing with store about miscalculated bill for office supplies.
    --Chatting (briefly) with No One In Particular.
    --Ordering lunch.
    --Confirming fireworks for end of concert.
    --Confirming paychecks for everyone expecting them.
    --Trying to come up with catchy toast for a 50th anniversary.
Any one of these things could have been happening when these were taken. Though I'm relatively certain that #3 was taken at the same time that Crimson had just sent me a preview of her HNT. I'll try to get some pics of all the activities of the next few days. I try to hit as many of your sites as I can!

I would imagine that many of you will figure out who this week's Mystery Guest is. Her legs are legendary among HNTers! She'll be revealed on Thursday afternoon, but feel free to go ask her, if you think you know who it is! Mention something to her about the hot guy in her lap, too!
Mystery Guest this week is the long-legged Texan No One In Particular. Go say hi over there. She's had a rough week with the Bee Pollen!
"...the Other HNT" is definitely on the NSFW side this week. And we have some new participants, too! Be sure to check out the site!
Haven't gotten alot of word on early participants, but Jes posted dirty pictures from Korea, and Rachel, (who had a really bad day and went to bed) posted her legs. Also check out le chat qui a peur and Redneck Eskimo who are up early too!
As always--turn off your word verification for the day!
Note the newest buttons in my sidebar. I'll be posting about them when things settle down!

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