Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th!

Suprisingly, I'm not going to go nutso with the template like I did with Canada Day. No desire to spend the time on it. So I'll just say it--"Happy 4th of July!"
The main reason I'm less than excited to work on the template is because we had gigs on Saturday and Sunday nights. That wasn't so bad, but I had to get up an work on Monday. That sucked.

Someone had written that I haven't really mentioned the band recently. That would probably be due to the fact that we took an unintentional break for about 3 months. No one was hiring bands anywhere... The summer is upon us though, so things are picking up. As I said, we played Sat. and Sun. nights out at a lakeside bar, called (ingeniously) the Lakeside Bar. The place has been around for decades. I remember going there when I was in high school. It was sort of a dump then, but it's finally beginning to take on a sense of respectability. Fantastic food, big deck in the back, huge lawn sloping down to the lake, public beach, bonfires on the lake, but really nasty bathrooms. The crowds were respectable (though it doesn't look like it in the pics!). We had fun with both the music and the crowd. Did a couple of songs that we haven't done in over 4-5 years. Amazing how some of that comes roaring back! Just as amazing is how we botched some things we shouldn't have, but were rusty on. We even played a request or two for songs we've never done. All in all, it was a revitalizing, rejuvenating weekend! And the weather was superb, as opposed to the rain we've had for the previous few years of playing the 4th out there!

Anyway--here's some pics from the weekend. BE SURE TO CLICK THEM to make them bigger! All taken from my vantage point in the back row. Well, I didn't take this one. This was the PR shot that was in the local paper in the "music around town" section. I'd never seen it, but I like it! And look at all the gray hair!! A recap of the players--from the top: Terry-guitar player extraordinaire/vocals. I think he blew out some brain cells in the 70s. More talent in his pinkie than I'll ever have. Kelly-lead trumpet. Former student of mine from 25 years ago! Quiet, but a deadly sense of humor! Chris-bass guitar/trumpet/Buffett aficianado. Plays a mean bass. Sort of responsible for steering us down a more contemporary sound (slowly). Michelle-lead vocals. Great stage presence. When she's "on", she's phenomenal! New-ish mommy. John-drummer/leader/vocals. Without him, the band doesn't exist. One of the finest drummers in the state. The guy actually PRACTICES! Yours Truly-trombone/keyboard. You already know all there is to know. Leanne-alto sax/vocals. She didn't start doing vocals until a year or two ago, but she's great! It's wonderful to do some songs with female backup, or some dual female leads. Oh--she also is one of the best music sightreaders I've ever met. Katy-lead vocals. She and Michelle trade off, rarely ever at a gig together. Adds a great dimension to the band. She's a theater geek, so she's used to learning lines. Can learn a song within 2 listens. Has a great soul voice for a former California blond chick! Eric-trombone. He's actually no longer with the band. He just graduated HIGH SCHOOL! He's got great talent, and playing with us forced a little "real world" reality and maturity on him. So that's the band--In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns! Hi!

Nothing terribly exciting here. I included the bottom right one since it shows the lawn and the lake in the distance.

We had dancers of all shapes, ages and sizes!
The girl in the cowboy hat looks an awful lot like one of our bloggers!

Goofy look from Michelle.
And the last picture needs no words...

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