Friday, July 14, 2006

1000 Reasons Rachel Shouldn't Move To D.C.

1. Too expensive.
2. Too far away.
3. No Brewhouse.
4. No Beltian White.
5. No Mt. Helena.
6. Dog will be mistaken as a rat.
7. No Alive @ Five.
8. Can't take weekend off to see Jones.
9. It's stinky and crime-ridden.
10. Can't run at night.
11. Have to root for the Nationals.
12. And the Redskins.
13. Terrorists will attack D.C. long before Montana.
14. Can't get deposit back on new apartment.
15. No York burgers.
16. No pool table at work.
17. No beer at work.
18. No air hockey at work.
19. No foosball at work.
20. Gas is more expensive.
21. No sales tax in MT.
22. Clumsy Lovers don't play D.C.
23. Neither do the Clintons.
24. My Dad would hate to see you go.
25. So would my mom.
26. And S2.
27. S3.
28. BIL2.
29. BIL3.
30. N1.
31. N2.
32. N3.
33. Neph1 (up in the air on this one...).
34. I haven't seen you nekkid yet.
35. I haven't taken those pics yet.
36. My 50th won't be the same without you.
37. No Howard's Pizza.
38. No Kokanee.
39. No bald-headed bartenders like what's-his-name @ the Brewhouse.
40. No Carroll College Saints.
41. No Osbasso (thanks, Geekgirl!).
42. Thousands of miles more away from Hawaii.
43. Midget doesn't travel well.
44. Your multi-language skills aren't very good.
45. The humidity would raise hell with your hair.
46. Washington, D.C. isn't even in a state!
47. No "Symphony Under the Stars".
48. No Canyon Ferry.
49. No Sleeping Giant.
50. Running into parked cars gets you arrested.
51. Or mugged.
52. Getting up 2 hours earlier due to the difference in time zones.
53. Going to bed 2 hours earlier due to the difference in time zones.
54. No long lunches at the Windbag.
55. No Al Marks.
56. No Helena Independent Record.
57. No Queen City News.
58. No Ox.
59. No hottie behind the deli counter at Van's.
60. More bloggers per capita in MT than in D.C.

Need to come up with 940 more reasons.

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