Friday, July 28, 2006

Sweet Home, Chicago

Well, as I'm typing this out, I am painfully aware that we were all supposed to be in Chicago this weekend. Can't help but wonder what that would have been like...
In happier news--the girls are coming home! Moose left Minnesota this afternoon, will stop off in South Dakota for the weekend, and be here Monday afternoon! She and Rachel will head out towards the end of the week for a little camping trip to Glacier. From what I've heard, they'll have a little company up there, too! Then she'll head home on Tuesday. Sometime inbetween, just.a.girl will be coming home for a week or so! Plenty of beer will be consumed over the next couple of weeks! More on all of this later! In the meantime, here's some pics of all four of us at our "best"!

Congrats to all who found "Waldo" in my HNT! I was a little surprised that it wasn't obvious. Yes, I was the shadow!
Thanks to the couple of individuals that sent in Mystery Guest pics. Looks like I'll be able to continue! To those who said that they "should" do one, now's the time!
Remember when we did "Dorky Tuesday" last September? Look for a new non-HNT "assignment" in the near future. Safe for work, fun, and informative!
July is turning out to be the hottest on record around here. Probably will have about 23-24 days of temps in the 90s in July alone! We're supposed to be in triple digits here for the weekend. It really sucks! Am I whining? HELL, YEAH! For those of you who live in this sort of heat on a regular basis--don't bitch about my whining! This is Montana. It's not supposed to be like this!!!
It was suggested to me that I post "better" pictures of us, so here you go...

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