Monday, May 08, 2006

Reminders 'n Stuff

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Don't forget the plan for HNT, May 18th! To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of HNT, you need to post 2 pictures--your first HNT (regardless of how "new" you are), and a second picture showing a little celebration of the occasion! Let's try to get some of the old-timers who have dropped out to do a special one-time return! Contact your favorite former HNTer and invite them in!
Plans are coming together for the Chicago trip. Check the website! If you've forgotten it, contact me or Addict! It's time to make some concrete plans!!!
I'm slowly working on the Caribbean tales. It's taking a bit longer than anticipated. I'll be sure to alert you when a new day dawns!
Are people actually checking "...the Other HNT" site? That's a semi-rhetorical question. Statcounter says yes, but there seems to be more lurkers than commenters! Be sure you check out your fellow HNTers over there!
Still looking for the anonymous HNTs from some of you who thought it was a great idea...! Send them to:
I'm still taking Mystery Guest pics, too. I've got enough to last through mid-June, I think. You can send them to my gmail account.

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