Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Back!

After living a Buffett-like existence over the past week, I'm back in reality! The current temperature is 40 degrees less than the coldest it got all last week. I sort of like the cool. Heat and humidity is definitely an acquired taste... Since I basically had no internet access, I'm dreadfully behind on checking out all your blogs. It may take me a week, or until I check out your upcoming HNTs. Please be patient. If there's something posted that you think I really need to see, let me know! Right now I have a few loads of laundry I need to get to, so I'm keeping this short. There's lots of pics and stories to go up on the other site, but give me a couple of days to put it together!
My deepest thanks to Crimson for once again handling things for HNT. I had to email her from the ship once I realized that I would be unable to do it. So with short notice, she stepped up for us. Even got a great anonymous Mystery Guest to help out. Now I know what it's like for you guys when I post them! I have no idea who it is, and she's not telling!
A hearty, but late, congratulations to Crystal over at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. She got married about 10 days ago, and has survived the ordeal!
A hearty, but late, Happy Birthday to Biscuit, who didn't announce it blatanly on her site like some people do.... Hope you had a great one!
Oops--another birthday. Lily over at Lily's Circus had one on Thursday!
And one more--Leela just had one on Saturday. Be sure to stop by all of them and wish them the best!
Issue #2 of Estella's Revenge is online. Be sure to check it out! Brought to you by the overworked, but rarely whiny Andi and her talented stable of writers/thinkers!
To the small handful of you that requested gifts from the Caribbean, you'll be getting them soon! Who knew that rum from Belize was so damned good??

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