Thursday, May 04, 2006

HNT and Mirrors

Before I we get started here, AN ANNOUNCEMENT! Friday, May 19th will mark the 1st Anniversary of Half-Nekkid Thursday! For HNT that week, I want to see two pictures. One picture needs to be a rerun of your very first HNT submission. Regardless of whether you just got started, or were around back in the dark ages. The second picture should be one of you in anniversary celebration mode. Streamers, balloons, confetti, etc. would be appropriate! I'll remind you again next week--
There were plenty of half-nekkid bodies last week on the ship. I could have copped out and taken alot of those, but I'm above that sort of thing. Well, I'm not, but I'm not going to use them for HNT.

Instead, I've got two artsy-like pictures of me sitting on the toilet of the very small bathroom in my cabin. Not small like the back of an airplane or a bus small, but small enough. The shower induces a bit of claustrophobia, and if you drop the soap, you're screwed. "Cozy" would be the best way to describe it. Very clean though! And mirrors. All over the place. I think it's that decorating trick of trying to trick you into thinking a room is bigger than it acually is.

While sitting on the toilet (don't ask why I had the camera with me...), I noticed that the medicine cabinet door (a mirror) opened up, and gave me all sorts of great visual angles. I've long thought about doing a HNT with lots of angles of mirrors, so I figured I'd just take advantage of the situation. So much so, that I give you two different shots! In the first one, please notice the sunburn beginning to form on the back of my arm/shoulder. I also like the very disjointed placement and aim of the camera in each of them. No, I didn't spend my week sitting on the toilet contemplating the various angles of lines of sight. These were taken just before leaving the ship for the last time. And for the record, since someone's going to ask--no, I'm not taking care of business, either!

"You may have seen a similar picture that I posted before. I was going for a massage. If you don't remember, I had strained my neck a while back. I tried heating pads and a new pillow, but the massage works best.
Come by and say hello if you recognize me.
Happy HNT everyone!
~ hugs"

This week's Mystery Guest is none other than our longtime friend Lee Ann! Stop by and say hi!

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