Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So many bullets it's like a war zone!

Gosh, it's gotten dusty around here! I've hardly had any time to myself to do the important browsing/commenting/etc. I'll keep things to the facts (and in no particular order):
  • Nutcracker - Went well. Not a great production from the dancers--seemed a bit flat to me. The orchestra, on the other hand, played probably the best it's ever played Nutcracker.
  • Temps/wind - The weather gods must have looked at the calendar and saw that it was Messiah/Nutcracker time again. Cue the cold. Just like last year, the temps were -9°F, with the added bonus of -25°F windchill.
  • Snow - Plus snow. Fortunately it was so cold it stayed powdery.
  • Moose - Moose is in town for Christmas! Well until she leaves to go home for the actual holiday. But she opted for Helena instead of MN to come see me! You know...since I almost died and all... More to come later, I'm sure!
  • Blood - Had to go to the hospital to have blood drawn. I need to sell it--it appears that my blood is a rare commodity. The small amount they were able to gather a couple of weeks ago clotted before they could test it! Hopefully they can get to it earlier this time!
  • Classmate - I'm not one who has gone looking for any of my high school classmates on Facebook. But through a series of events, I've gotten reconnected with a girl whom I haven't seen or heard from since the day we graduated! We didn't run in the same circles, she was hot and out of my league, and the only thing that "connected" us was the fact that we were born on the same day. And that connection was really rather strong. Strong enough to be friends in high school, anyway. She's now living in Portland. I now have another reason to get there sometime soon!
  • Tux - Due to my slow but continuing weight loss, my tux fits better than it has in years!
  • Theme - Don't forget tonight's Christmas Tree HNT theme! And really, really think about next week's theme. Trust me when I say that if you do it right, it's a difficult one to follow! Click on the links up there at the top of my sidebar for details...

  • Go vote for Trojan. The glitch from last week has resulted in a different way of voting. One has to register, but there doesn't appear to be any spam coming from them. And once you've registered, you can still vote once/day. She's still in the top part of her age group, so keep voting!

  • Camera - I sent my better camera to Bozeman with N2 because there's not a camera repair shop in this backwater town. She called me last week to tell me that I have to send it to Sony for repair. All it needs is the shutter button fixed. I'm not going to pay postage or excessive labor costs to get that done. I've found an online "how-to" page to fix it myself, but I'm missing a minute little piece. That I can only get from Sony. I might get back to taking my pics with my 35mm...
  • GRIZ! - Ooh! The biggest news of all! The Griz play for the NCAA football championship against Villanova on Friday night! They are 14-0 on the season, and are making their second consecutive appearance in the championship game. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2. Don't bother trying to get ahold of me that night!

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