Thursday, December 03, 2009

Jam-packed HNT

As mentioned earlier, my next two weeks are going to be packed with symphony, symphony, and more symphony. Nightly rehearsals or performances every day from Thursday through to next Sunday. Throw in a couple of morning rehearsals on the Saturdays, equipment transfers and stage set-ups, and my time online is going to be limited. In spite of my whining about it, I love this time of year and the pressure of getting things done. And though I won't be online much, I will be able to work on some posts, particularly this week.

While I'm not really phased by this concentration of work, it brings to light a new problem. For decades, I've told students, co-workers and musicians that if something isn't written down and handed to me, I'm not responsible for remembering it. Even if I look you in the eye and nod my head--all bets are off unless it's written. The main person who doesn't follow this, unfortunately, is me. I'm generally pretty good about remembering times and dates, but this year, some things have slipped me by. Obviously, the week before I ended up in the hospital, my mind sort of checked out, and it hasn't quite come back at full strength. I don't want to miss anything, so I broke down and used the calendar application on my new phone. This really is pretty cool! It synchs automatically with my Google calendar on my regular computer (as well as every other Google application), so I don't have to worry about transferring information or anything. Sure it's probably similar to what the rest of you have, but for someone who's never used it, I'm hooked! I wanted to get a good picture of what my month ahead looks like, but it seems that my camera was focused on other things...

Boob Poem
The men I meet are fond of boobs
But I can’t help my jeers,
“What you’re looking at aren’t eyes
And boobs do not have ears!”

--Ima Wurdibitsch

This week's Mystery Guest is showing off her new girls for the first time. Some of you know her; many of you won't. Don't dispair--she'll be revealed Thursday afternoon!
Doing the reveal a little earlier than usual, due to the fact I get to move equipment in this nasty cold weather. Grr... This week's MG doesn't have a site that she maintains anymore, but you may remember her as Shizzle. She currently holds the record for MG appearances with seven!

We always seem to get fewer numbers for "..the Other HNT" around this time of year. Busy schedules, holiday plans, lack of time or privacy... So be sure to check out those fellow HNTers who were able work around those obstacles! Leave some comment lovin', too! NSFW, as usual.
Don't forget the THEME ALERTS for December! Click on the links at the top of my sidebar for all the details. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're unsure of what to do. Especially for the second theme. Always seems to be confusion with that one...
A reminder about the photographer looking for models in the NYC and DC areas. You can read the details on Moll's site, as well as see the first of the pictures he's taken of her. She's also going to be using them for her HNTs for the next few weeks. Any of you who might be interested/available should check him out!
Go vote for Trojan.
From what I understand, she's still stuck in the 30s as far as her overall standing, but is sitting about 3rd or 4th in her age group!! Only one more month to get her numbers up, so be sure to stop by and vote... Daily!!
NOTE: Seems like the site is having a glitch and isn't letting anyone vote. Go back often to see if it gets fixed!

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