Saturday, December 05, 2009

Opening Lines

I stole this from Leesa's site in 2005, and have continued each year.

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2009?

January - "Wow. It's been a few days, hasn't it?" (I posted this on Jan. 4th. Apparently not much blogging over New Years!)

February - "I've got nothing of interest to blog about. Thank God for TMI!" (I sense a theme here...)

March - "I always imagined that Willie Wonka must have had some sort of machine that could spray chocolate." (Sort of a disgusting post regarding something I must have eaten for dinner.)

April - "I braved the snow and the cold yesterday and went to WalMart (eeeek!)." (I went to buy the latest Diana Krall CD. Even posted a picture of the ever-lovely lady!)

May - "It was one of those days." (A rambling post about my procrastinating ways, and blowing a tire that had worn down to the inner threads.)

June - "1. What was the last movie you saw on a date?" (The first question of TMI for the week.)

July - "Happy Canada Day!! Be safe and don't drink too much beer!" (Somewhat self-explanatory.)

August - "Accomplished absolutely nothing this weekend, other than laundry." (Yep, there's that theme again...)

September - "I've been thinking about this for a long time, but now I'm hooked." (Mentioning that Enzyte was giving away "Smilin' Bob" t-shirts.)

October - "OK, the "other stuff" will have to wait for a bit." (Title of the post was 'Friday Fill-Ins and Other Stuff. Another self-explanatory one.)

November - "If you're not interested in my diabetes story, skip this post..." (Again, self-explanatory. BTW--I'm feeling pretty good these days!)

December - "Bad news..."A Charlie Brown Christmas" is being pre-empted tonight by Obama's address." (The good news--it's rescheduled for this coming Tuesday night! Check your local listings!)
Feel free to steal this and do it yourselves!

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