Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're #1! We're #1!

Every once in awhile I'll go out and check the search engines to see what "HNT" will bring forth. There's the standard links you'd expect to find, with the occasional unknown HNTer, or the "fake" HNTer. There's also alot of Japanese sites that pop up, though I don't know what HNT means to them. But this link caught my eye over the weekend.

You'll have to click it/big it to really read it (or if your eyesight is as poor as mine). It's from AcronymFinder.com. I'm don't even remember what I was looking to find there, but this just made my day! "Half Nekkid Thursday" is the #1 definition for the acronym "HNT"! The other four listed have all been verified, but we're #1! Woohoo! BTW--We rank #1 if listed alphabetically, too!

Then I went to YoJ's site, and saw this post. Ignoring all the wonderful things she said about me (if you can...), the gist of the post is that the "anonymity" we think we enjoy here isn't as anonymous as we might assume! Damn, it's good to have her back!

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